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In order to implement the school's work plan on the study and education of "four histories", draw spiritual strength, experience and wisdom from history, and draw the determination to stick to the people's position, and provide the basis for striving for the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and the realization of the school's development goals On the afternoon of September 25, the Party branch of the archives (School History Museum) and the Party branch of the Party Committee Organization Department (Party School) launched a party day activity with the theme of "four histories" learning and education in the projection hall on the third floor of the school history museum - Chinese stories from the school history museum volunteered to join the army to resist US aggression and aid Korea. The theme party day activity is a "four histories" learning and education activity carried out by the Party branch of the archives (School History Museum) in combination with the advantages of resources and working characteristics, relying on the video formed by the oral interview of school history. The meeting was presided over by comrades of the participating army. In addition, Ms. Zheng Hong, daughter of Zheng Chongda, an old teacher in our school, was invited to attend the meeting. At the activity site, Ms. Zheng donated precious photos and articles of Mr. Zheng Chongda's participation in the anti US war and aid to Korea to the school. Comrade Liu Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party branch and director of the archives (School History Museum), presented Ms. Zheng with a donation certificate.
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